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Re: Device locks up when attached to a OpenWrt network

Hi DFlyJay,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Have you tried assigning an IP to the printer?  Are you able to ping the printer from a PC?  This is where I would start, if you can not ping the printer there is still an issue on the network.  If you can ping and it works try printing from that PC, is there any errors or fault codes?  If these questions do not lead to a resolution then please consider contacting your local support centre for additional assistance.   

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Device locks up when attached to a OpenWrt network

Product Name: WorkCentre 3655i
Operating System: Not Applicable

I am assisting a client with a printer install remotely, and whenever the printer is attached to our network it just seems to lock up. No matter if it's plugged into our switch or our router the device stops responding completely.

Gratefully the client has a seperate network onsite, and the printer work completely fine on this network, although the end goal is to be attached to ours so the printer can be accessed wirelessly on site. I'm trying to isolate what could be causing the issue on our network but I am at a complete loss.

For some context, the network configuration does have logical seperation, but every piece of equipment is attached to the same VLAN, the other VLAN is just for internal consistentcy. I supply DHCP with plenty of leases with a DNS. I have a few Access Points, an 8 port tough switch, and a Routerboard 951G running a modified version of OpenWRT. As for what I have done when it comes to trouble shooting; I have pretty much disabled all firewalls during the trouble shooting process, and we have gone through verifying the vlan everything is on is setup for DHCP properly, and disabling guest portal page in case of interference. How ever the problem still occurs.

From what I can tell this is a rare issue, as it is not discussed on the forums, but any insgitht could be useful!

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