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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Device stops mid print and continues to cycle.


Maybe it help a softwre reinstall by Altboot-ing, or an NVM initialization.



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Device stops mid print and continues to cycle.

Product Name: Phaser 6700
Operating System: Windows 7

Hello, I have a Xerox Phaser 6700DT device that consistently stops printing during jobs.

The device will keep cycling and will not stop until it is reset.

Our service company has replaced the formatter board and the SD card with the firmware on it and it still continues.

We have an additional 9 of these devices at our location all with the same network settings and universal drivers and this is the only one with this issue.

The issue does not seem to be document type specific either as it occurs even when printing test jobs from the device itself such as the print quality troubleshooting 20 page document.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you

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