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darobin77 New Member
New Member

Disable Duplexer in Phaser 7800DN

Hi, Does anyone know there anyway to disable a duplexer in the Phaser7800 ? I have my finance dept with massive excel workbooks and they print 2 sided  evern though the printer, the server que and the user selects 1 sided.


has anyone experienced this ?

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Xerox Analyst RuiKZ6N6K-xrx
Xerox Analyst

Re: Disable Duplexer in Phaser 7800DN


If you are printing from Office you need to know that any printing settings done in the Office, will overwrite the printer driver settings. It may be possible that Office is sending this command. Try to go to Page setup and see if everything is in defaults.


You also can do a simple test. Create a notepad doc with at least 2 pages, print, check if the driver is set to one side and then hit print. You should see no duplex. If yes, you may have a problem in the driver. If not, it means you have something on that documents in Page Setup.




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doolz_e New Member
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Re: Disable Duplexer in Phaser 7800DN

Hey guys, 

We have owned the 7800DX for about 6 months. Does anyone know how to disable the auto duplexing/2 sided printing that comes as a standard setting in the machine?

I have logged onto the Centreware control panel and the setting is already on 1 sided printing but still continues to print 2 sided for multipage documents printed from Indesign on a Mac. This setting is also on 1 sided printing from within the onboard control panel.

I am in a studio where people are constantly wanting to print 1 sided and do not want to have to manipulate the driver everytime they have to print. I have even setup a print preset that is set to 1 sided print from within Indesign but it still prints 2 sided.

Can anyone please help me?

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Kimzi Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Disable Duplexer in Phaser 7800DN



Can anyone else print one-sided?

Can you copy one-sided?


If so, then it has to do with the settings.

You may need to change the settings to one sided in the server, the driver defaults and the application you are using.



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