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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: DocuCentre IV C2260 Print Smudges

Extra Hvywght reload goes slower.

So does Extra Heavyweight A


If it smudges when you touch the output (unfused) the fuser would be the issue, not a drum/toner.


If it is smudged when it comes out and is perfectly fused I would assume a damaged roller.

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Joe Arseneau
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DocuCentre IV C2260 Print Smudges

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When we load 200gsm A3 paper, select Extra Heavyweight, the print comes out smudged. It seems the rollers are not going slow enough for the specified paper type.


I have tried selecting other paper types such as Heavyweight and Gloss HW, but its still smudging.


The toners and drums do not need replacing. We've just replaced the Image Transfer Belt. The problem was occuring before the replacement.



Any help would be appreciated.

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