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Docucolor 252 Images creep / twist / shift / walk-off the page

I have an intermittent problem with print jobs on our docucolor 252 that occassionally twist and walk off the page after serveral sheets.. 


This is usually occurs with files that have used external imposition for N-Up Repeat.  The problem ;however, is not limited to N-Up Repeat files. 


The problem files can come from any source: adobe, corel, msword.  


No problems are abserved with the captured postscript (raw) that is sent to the firey.  The raw ps does not indicate image creep/twist/shift/walk-off the page when viewed with a postscript-viewer or when the ps is distilled with acrobat. The creep/twist/shift/walk-off the page is observed in the preview after fiery processing.


The problem files are usually large image files.  The output paper size ranges from 11x17 to 13x19... all sizes show the problems.


The hardware has the 40+ firery patches applied and is using the current bustled drivers.  The trays are aligned, and service has verified the registration is within machine tollerance.


The hardware revision is the latest.

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