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hjhearle New Member
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Document printing symbols without secure print

Hi all,


We have a problem with our 7346 MFD.  It is set up to print "secure print", however there is a document that the MFD keeps trying to print, a couple of hundred pages, of scrambled letters and symbols.  I have looked and the document is displayed in the "active jobs" pane, but doesn't have a username by it, suggesting it is being sent automatically.  I have deleted the job several times but the MFD keeps trying to print it.  No other jobs are affected.


We've managed to trace the document, and just one of my colleagues is affected; whenever he tries to print (a 2-page document!) it spews out this huge document of random gobbledegook.  None of the other MFDs/printers on the network have this problem.


Could anyone advise what the problem could be?





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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
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Re: Document printing symbols without secure print

Hi hjhearle,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. You do not mention if the drivers are loaded locally or on the server.  If they are local please take a look at the solutions for Printing gibberish when using an LPR port or Printing gibberish using a RAW port depending on which one you are using. If these solutions do not help consider removing the driver and reloading.  If that still does not clear up the problem please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance. 

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