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Docutech 6100 Tab issue...

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Xerox Products:

              Docutech 6100 with DocuSP 3.8

              FreeFlow MakeReady


Print Job Specifications:

                Black and White

                7, 5-position tabs

                4 Color Direct Inserts

                5 sub-set stapled documents  (No tabs are being stapled.)



                After printing the sup-set stapled documents within my book the 6100 restarts the tab order with Tab 1.



                Index page

                Tab 1

                Chapter 1

                Tab 2

                Chapter 2 (Stapled)

                Tab 1 (Should be Tab 3)

                Chapter 3

                Tab 2 (Should be Tab 4)

                Chapter 4 (Stapled)

                Tab 1 (Should be Tab 5)



Any Ideas?

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