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Re: Driver installation issues

Hey George 850650-XRXN,
the issue still persists. The shown guide changes nothing. Do you have another idea?
Thanks for your help
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Re: Driver installation issues


Take a look at this Support Forum post as this may be the cause and solution for your issue.

I hope this helps.

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Driver installation issues

Product Name: VersaLink C600 Printer
Operating System: Windows 11

Hey there,
I recently purchased a new Xerox printer. Therefore I installed the driver on multiple PCs. Only at two PCs I have a problem. The driver installed successfully and works great, except for the settings. I see Screenshot 2021-11-08 090946.png
instead of the usual Xerox Design . Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver changed nothing. I also follow this guide: But with no success ):.

Does anybody have an idea, how I can get the "original" xerox settings menu?

Thanks for your help,

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