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shxIT New Member
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Driver issue between XP 32bit and Xerox WorkCenter 7835

We've recently upgraded from the Xerox WC 7435 to Xerox WC 7835. While most of our installtions and driver updates have worked seamlessly, we've enountered a unique problem on a small percentage of computers.


The issue occurs on some of (not all of) our Windows XP computers (Desktops, and Thin clients). So far we have not encountered it on any other Hardware or OS.



While installing the new printer (7835), the installation finishes without issue. IP based printer, installed via .exe file provided from Xerox website. After the printer is installed, we are unable to send a test page to the printer. From notepad, we recieve an error that "This handle is invalid". From MS office, the print job does not return an error, but the job does not get sent to the printer. From a web browser we are given an Unknown error. 


It is worth mentioning that each individual user in our company has a unique secure print code. We have tried installing the printer with and without the secure print enabled - same result each time. 


Steps taken to attempt to resolve the issue (which have not worked):


  1. System restore to before printer upgrade (restored to working 7435 driver, and attempted reinstall of 7835).
  2. Clean boot, no services and apps running + fresh reinstall of new printer + driver.
  3. Local and Domain Profile rebuild and re-creation + fresh reinstall of new printer + driver.
  4. Tried PCL 5 and 6, Postscript, GPD both web-based install and local EXE on PC.
  5. Delete ports and drivers via printer console in XP  + fresh reinstall of new printer + driver.
  6. Used Kyocera printer killer tool to wipe all installed printers, drivers, reg entries, orphaned printer file left behind  + fresh reinstall of new printer + driver.
  7. Attempted printer install as local Administrator account, to eliminate possible profile specific issues.

We have also noticed that no matter how far we dig down into the registry and system folders - something (a dll, ini, inf, reg entry) must be getting left behind from the previous 7435 installation, as the users secure code is auto-filling into the new printer installation, whether we enable secure print or not.


We have been unsuccessful in our efforts to find and remove the entry that is auto-populating the secure code's for these users (it is not being pushed through group policy). 


As an alternative, we have noticed that installing the old 7435 drivers on the 7835 printer will allow the users to print (however secure print and retention settings do not work betwen the 7835 drive and 7845 printer, and print jobs spit out of the printer without being manually released)


Secure print is very important for these specific users, so the short term (7435 driver) solution will not suffice.


We appreciate any help or feedback you can provide.




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shxIT New Member
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Re: Driver issue between XP 32bit and Xerox WorkCenter 7835

Should mention also:

Each computer experiencing the issue is either running XP, or XP embedded (32bit, SP3 on each machine)



This issue is only happening on some, not all of our XP machines (they have identical OS configurations, which makes this all the more confusing)

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RyanNehseSA New Member
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Re: Driver issue between XP 32bit and Xerox WorkCenter 7835

I have exactly the same problem.  One of our clients PC's crashed and it was reloaded with Win XP Sp3.  Since the reload i get exactly the same problem.  I initially thought that the guys who reloaded the PC stuffed something up. So, I reloaded it myself tonight and to my horror the same thing happened again. 


I've also tried everything on your list.  In my testing, I've found that the older global print driver works but secure print is a bit of a problem.  To me, it seems that something with the newer drivers isn't quite compatible with either Windows XP or Service Pack 3. 


Im going back to my client on Monday and going to see what happens if i use the driver that came with the disc.  The interesting thing to me is that the PC was printing perfectly fine before the reload.


Hope someone can shed some light on this.



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shxIT New Member
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Re: Driver issue between XP 32bit and Xerox WorkCenter 7835

We finally found a work-around for this issue (by testing over 30 drivers!)


You can download/install the 7535 driver from the xerox website and that one will work on the 7835 printer and XP machine. Your properties menu changes a bit, but it still allows for retention/Secure Print settings. This has worked on all of our XP sp3 machines (over 30 so far). 


Depending on the type of finisher you have on your printer, you may have to manually configure your driver to recognize the finisher. 


Hope this helps - we were basically given the "XP is no longer supported" song and dance from Xerox so we are stuck using an outdated driver. 


Oh well, it works!

couroskom New Member
New Member

Re: Driver issue between XP 32bit and Xerox WorkCenter 7835

Try this solution. Works well for me and with any xerox printer.

1. Download the global postscript drivers for Adobe (Yes you saw it right!) from this url:

2. choose the global english driver and save it.

3. Go to the xerox download drivers page and choose your model:

4. Download the "generic ppd" file. After downloaded decompress it to a folder (using winrar or something similar)

5. Run the adobe installer to the xp client. Follow the steps required for the printer (local printer, tcp ports etc). When you reach the window that requests the postscript files you get only the "generic" option. Do NOT pick that, instead browse to the xerox folder and pick the xerox postscript files. When you do that you will see the driver model. Pick that one and continue.

6. At the end of the installer you will be prompted to setup the printer. You can do that if you wish or you can do it later. When done, you may be promted to reboot.


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