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JMcConkey New Member
New Member

EFI (Fiery) and Bi-Directional Communication

We have a WC7556 with integrated Fiery controller.  I have installed drivers for both the EFI interface, and for a standard PS interface (bypassing the EFI controller by setting the port to 9200 instead of 9100).


When sending jobs through both drivers, the bi-directional communication fails to notify the job-sender of print job completion/failure, and just hangs in a "Unable to communicate with device" status.  I have to right click and exit on the bi-directional tray icon to get it to stop timing out.


Is there a setting I am missing to enable bi-directional communication to work on a box with an EFI controller (regardless of which driver is used, EFI or PS)?  Or, is it not possible to function when the MFD is connected to the network via an EFI controller?

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: EFI (Fiery) and Bi-Directional Communication

dont think its possibble , but you can use a switch after your patch point so connect the efi and the xerox direct to the switch instead of using a cross over...

then you have 2 machines in your network with 2 ip adresses

that way you can print to the xerox like you normal do


other things are still working , except for the scanning, the templates preconfigured are not working anymore, but you can overwrite those settings then...

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spectromen New Member
New Member

Re: EFI (Fiery) and Bi-Directional Communication

Where are the bidirectional Fiery settings? I've had a tech come alter them before and it solved the whole delay issue but now it has reverted to a long delay. ED: Just found it.

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