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Viridel48 New Member
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ERROR: Packets Jammed (ND26) - ColorQube 8570

I have suddenly (well, 3-4 days ago) lost network connectivity, and in running the Network Diagnostic from the printer panel, I am given the error [ Packets Jammed (ND26) ].  In reviewing the Service Repair Manual, this code isn't mentioned, and neither is the Search Term "Packets Jammed)".  I have the printer set with a static IP, and the router (which I have power cycled) admin panel doesn't show it as a connected device, and changing the printer to DHCP doesn't change this.  Pinging the printer directly doesn't return a result (4-of-4 packet loss) in both Static & DHCP.  There is no useful information online about the ND26 error, and how to resolve.


Even stranger is that even when I try to connect via USB (verifying that USB connectivity is enabled), the device still cannot be found - so it seems that the ND26 error is taking down ALL connectivity.**


Any advice/assistance is appreciated.


** After a soft reboot, the printer does connect via USB and automatically creates a Device with a Windows default driver.  The Xerox driver still will not recognize/connect to it.  So this is far from an ideal solution, although it does buy time.

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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
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Re: ERROR: Packets Jammed (ND26) - ColorQube 8570

Hello Viridel48.


If you have not already resolved this issue, we suggest you search our online knowledgebase for this product: ColorQube 8570


Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page for other support options.

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Viridel New Member
New Member

Re: ERROR: Packets Jammed (ND26) - ColorQube 8570

Hello CherylO - I have done several web-searches for the terms involved in the error, and all have been misleading or dead-ends.  Furthermore, as I expressly indicated, I have run the terms thru the Technical Service Manual and found no results.  A search on the link you provided me came up empty (which you could have done yourself instead of irritating me with a suggestion that you should have known would not work).  As for "Contact Us" - isn't that precicely what I've done here in a Xerox technical forum?  If Xerox were to provide an answer on here, would that not provide a searchable answer any future questions that arise about this error?


Please do better, and I will happily provide 'Kudos' when it is warranted.

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