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Re: EX560 Shuts Off to Rest if It Receives No Jobs

Hello homeboy, 

I searched our knowledge base and found this article for when the Fiery randomly shuts down.  If you are still having issues after trying these steps, I suggest that you call into our support department for assistance @ 1-800-821-2797.

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EX560 Shuts Off to Rest if It Receives No Jobs

Product Name: Xerox Color 550/560/570 Printer
Operating System: Other – specify OS in post

I have a Xerox Color 550 with EX560 External Fiery that has started being weird.

When everything is on “on” the system operates normally. However, if no print jobs are sent to the Fiery over TCP/IP for about 10 or 20 minutes both the Fiery and the monitor shut off. The 550 is unaffected and continues to operate as a copier or scanner. You would think that the Fiery has gone into sleep mode and a simple moving of the mouse would wake it up. But the Fiery is completely off and the screen on the Fiery is off.

If I immediately try to turn Fiery back on, it won’t let me. The on/off switch is inoperable.

If I try to turn it on maybe an hour or two after it went off, it comes on and gets stuck during start-up.

If I unplug it and wait several hours before turning it back on, it will boot up and operate normally.

If I don’t unplug it, the next morning I can turn it on, and it will boot up and operate normally.

When the Fiery has shut itself off, the monitor is off as well, I assume, because the Fiery is telling it to turn off. For instance, if I turn off the monitor and then turn it right back on, after a few seconds it turns off. But if I disconnect the monitor from the Fiery, the monitor stays on albeit with no signal.

Are these enough clues to diagnose what’s going on with the Fiery? A service contract on this old machine would cost more than the machine is worth so I’m on my own trying to solve this problem.

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