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Re: EX570 Server RAM Upgrade

Hi Gafana04,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please check the Fiery Support site to see if you can find information on updating the FIery Server.  I was unable to find any reference to a memory upgrade kit for this model.  If the issue continues please contact support an ask to speak to someone at second level. 

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EX570 Server RAM Upgrade

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 7

I have a Xerox Color 570 with an external EX570 Fiery server.  The server has 4GB of RAM installed and I am having a hard time upgrading.  I've asked on some other forums about this and some say these servers seem to be locked and you have to buy RAM from Xerox to upgrade it.  However, Xerox doesn't sell upgrade kits for this machine.

I purchased RAM online that is from the same manufacturer and same exact specs as the RAM currently in there, it was just 4 4GB sticks instead of 2 2GB sticks.  Server won't boot.  

1) Is there anywhere I can buy an official upgrade kit for this server?  Xerox support says "Dont know"

2) Has anyone successfully upgraded the RAM in a server like this?  If so, what brand/specs to use for EX570?

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