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Error (016-910) Unable to Print

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Windows 10

Hi there, 

Since setting up my Xerox WorkCentre 6515, the following error comes up when I send a job for printing: Held for Resources (016-910). 

I've checked the paper size and settings both on the printer display and in the device settings on my computer. The paper and settings are correct in each. 

This error comes up so regularly that the printer more often than not does not print. On occasion, it will print the documents sent to it several hours later, or when I restart the printer the next morning. 

I have a feeling it's a problem with my connectivity, which I have some issues with also. My wifi connection is poor where my printer is set up, however I have recently set up a wifi extender, which has good connectivity, next to the printer. I would like to set the extender as the network. When I log in as administrator into the printer, however, the Connectivity page is unavailable (I think as it is still on the poor wifi network). Does anyone have any solutions to this? I can't really move the printer but I am keen to try out all suggestions.

Many thanks,





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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Error (016-910) Unable to Print

Hi Katie,

016-910 the paper requested for selected print parameters are nor correct.

1. check the correctly paper load

2. reload the machine software

3. change any paper settings and repeat the action

4. switch off, then switch on the machine

5. check the job settings from the Panel

If the error persist, contact Technical Support for futher instructions.



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: Error (016-910) Unable to Print


How paper selection is made between print driver and printer for each print job


When jobs are sent from the computer to be printed, there are 4 media attributes that must be met in order for the job to print.

1. Media Size
2. Media Type
3. Media Color
4. Requested Tray


Auto Selection

If all of these attributes are set to "Auto" in the print driver (no manual selection is made), then the driver will attempt to pick the best choice to match the job being printed.

Default Auto settings are as follows

1. The media SIZE will be based on the document size of the electronic document
2. The media TYPE will default to PLAIN
3. The media COLOR will default to WHITE
4. The media TRAY will be defaulted to which ever tray is loaded with PLAIN, WHITE media of the correct SIZE for the electronic document.

If the printer has a TRAY loaded with PLAIN, WHITE paper of the correct SIZE, then that tray will be used and the job will print as expected.

If the machine does not have a TRAY loaded with the correct COMBINATION of SIZE, TYPE, and COLOR, then you will receive a message stating that "resources are required" (resources = proper combination of those 4 attributes).

Manual Selection

Within the print driver, you have the ability to override the default choices by selecting one or more of these 4 attributes manually.

When you override one or more of these attributes, you must make sure that the printer has a TRAY loaded and configured with the media you have selected in the driver (SIZE, TYPE, COLOR attributes). You must load and configure the tray (standing at the printer) PRIOR to opening the print driver to select your choices for the job (to avoid the "held for required resources" message.


How to check which resource is required by the job in order to print

When a job will not print, it is necessary to find out why.

First look to see what attributes each tray is currently set to.
1. At the machine UI, use the Home button to navigate to the Home screen
2. Navigate to Device -> Paper Trays.
3. Make a note of the SIZE, TYPE, COLOR configured in each tray

Now check the job queue for the job that will not print
1. At the machine UI, use the Home button to navigate to the Home screen
2. Touch Jobs icon
3. Look for the held job
4. You should be able to touch the job and view the specific media requirements for that job (TRAY, SIZE, TYPE, COLOR)
5. You can load (and configure) the requested tray with the proper media. This should allow the job to print.
6. If the paper TRAY, TYPE or COLOR is not something you expected for this job, check the driver settings to make sure that the proper attributes are selected (cancel the current job at the machine UI and resubmit the job from the computer with proper attributes).
7. If the paper SIZE is not something you expected for this job, check the driver settings as well. However, the SIZE attribute is sometimes mysteriously overridden by some applications like MS Office apps, or PDF document attributes, etc. (This can be frustrating to track down the cause but it is usually not caused by the printer itself - something on the computer is causing this behavior).


Your Wifi connection

As for your Wifi connection, this can definitely cause printing issues but I do not feel that it is causing you to receive "resources required" messages.



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