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Error 09,005.04: 92029 phaser 8560 DN PLEASE HELP!

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So I just bought a Phaser 8560DN and after feeding ink into it, it ate through all the ink, printed nothing, filled up the waste tray in 30 minutes (of just booting up and cleaning itself) then it spit out these errors below:


1) 09,007.42: 92029.


2) 09, 005.40:92029.


It looks like whatever is responsible for heating the ink is just on full blast and so the "cleaning" process means melting all the ink.


It burnt through over $200 worth of ink in like 30 minutes of it booting up. Help!  If anyone knows the solution to this please call me or email me:  Cell: number removed for privacy concerns.





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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Error 09,005.04: 92029 phaser 8560 DN PLEASE HELP!

You just bought the printer so that would have been Xerox branded ink (The fault typically indicates it isn't Xerox ink)

Return the printer or get it exchanged, no reason for you to lose that money at all with a newly purchased device.

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Joe Arseneau