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Re: Error Code 032-315


Your OP states 32-315 in the title... I assume you mean 92-315

This machine model uses a cartridge that combines the drum and developer unit. The ATC is a sensor in the cartridge that tells the machine whether the cartridge has enough toner (in the developer) to do its job during normal operation. This sensor lets the machine know when to add more toner to the developer reservoir. The fault you are seeing says that the sensor is not getting the proper amount of toner on a regular basis.

Here are a few things to consider

1. First of all, are you using genuine OEM Xerox drum and toner cartridges? Third party supplies may not perform correctly.

2. Prior to install, was the drum cartridge stored in cool dry place. Heat above 90 degrees can cause the toner/developer inside to clump and be damaged. Also how old is the cartridge? These factors can affect copy quality as well as the ATC function.

3. Prior to install, was the drum cartridge shaken well (it's very common for the toner/developer inside to become packed during shipping)

4. When the drum cartridge was replaced, were the 2 plastic strips removed successfully (full intact strips - not partial or torn)? If the strips were only removed partially, this can cause prints to become light over time and the ATC faults.

5. Was the drum cartridge actually new? If the cartridge was actually used or near empty, the display on the UI can show the cartridge as full when it is actually not (it’s a sw glitch).

6. If the issue was occurring with other drum cartridges as well (and they were Xerox OEM), then you may have a toner dispense issue rather than a drum cartridge issue.

7. Place a sheet of solid colored (but blank) paper on the glass (maybe red sheet - not white or black).  Make a BLACK/WHITE (not color) copy of it. The toner on the copy should have and even density. If you see diagonal stripes, then it means that the developer is coming out of the cartridge and could mean a more serious issue.

8. Eventually this code will shut down the machine permanently until the fault can be cleared in NVM by a tech (after a certain number of occurrences).


Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Error Code 032-315


It is possible the main motor, who drives also the black drum unit to be defective, so you will need a tech to check and to solve it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Error Code 032-315

Hello Buschi2000,

I found that fault code for a similar device. It is an ATC Fault. Here are the details.

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Error Code 032-315

Product Name: WorkCentre 7220/7225
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I bought the Xerox Workcentre 7125 used at auction. The black color doesn't work sometimes. The printout is displayed very slightly in black at the edge, then less and less. The toner box and drum were replaced, but this did not improve the result. The error code 092-315 then appears sometimes, not always.

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