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Re: Error Printing InvalidFont Versalink

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Thank you so much. The gz files were where you said, the ppd files were in the /etc/cups/ppd folder. After changing the TTRasterizer setting to None, everything started working for VersaLink.

Used the same method for AltaLink, no more invalidfont issue.

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Re: Error Printing InvalidFont Versalink

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The folder for source .ppd files (in .gz format) is found in /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources

When you install a printer a .ppd is generated for that printer, this is what gets modified if you change default settings in CUPS, and those are found in /etc/cups/ppd

You'll need to show hidden files to see the etc folder while Library should not be hidden, but will require an admin account to work with files within the subfolders.

Re: Error Printing InvalidFont Versalink

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Where was the ppd file located?
I was not able to find a ppd file for either AltaLink or Versalink.

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Re: Error Printing InvalidFont Versalink

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On BigSur 11.3.1, no accounting

experienced invalidfont issue on both printer models AltaLink C8070 & recreated issue on VersaLink B405
Used Xerox Drivers 5.7.2 pkg, added drivers Xerox AltaLink C8070, 5.7.2, Xerox VersaLink B405, 5.7.2

Steps to reproduce -

Using Chrome Browser - visit - search for iris usa cnl storage bins latching box 20 pack
equivalent link -

Attempted to printed 1 page, the resulting output was the following 4 lines.

ERROR: invalidfont
( )



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Re: Error Printing InvalidFont Versalink

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Hi Snake-Senzo,

    I'm aware of this error and I was able to recreate it in my lab last Friday. So far I have had positive results by editing a setting in the printers .ppd file. I made the edit detailed in the following HP forum post from a few years ago.

Link: HP Forum post about editing the .ppd file to change the TTRasterizer setting. 

Here are the details of what I used and noted in my testing. My model was different, but I got the same exact error that you provided in your screenshot and I have heard others reporting this for the VersaLink and PrimeLink products as well.

Printer: Xerox AltaLink C8155

Document: I tested with the Xerox AltaLink 81xx series system admin guide found on the Xerox website. I printed page 1-40 in all my tests.

Applications and results:

MS Edge (Chrome essentially): Printing with an unmodified .ppd file caused my job to error out with that offending command at page 23. Printing with the 'TTRasterizer' set to 'None' in the .ppd printed the full document.

Preview: I had the same results that I did with Edge when printing via Preview after saving the file to the local disk.

Adobe Acrobat DC Professional: Acrobat printed the document completely without error using the original or modified .ppd.

Error Printing InvalidFont Versalink

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Product Name: VersaLink C7020/C7025/C7030 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: macOS 11 - Big Sur


Unable to print from a Macbook Air (MacOS 11 Big Sur) with Xerox Standard accounting on

Driver version : 5.7.2

Postscript 3 Version 3018

Error : invalidfont


The same device is working fine in previous mac version in the same network (and in windows)

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