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Re: Error code: 2880000

I have had the same code on this printer and been unable to fix with limited support from Fuji Xerox.

We have two printers in our house.. A black laser Samsung which is 10 years old and the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM225 Fw.

Samsung SCX printer has lasted for over 10 years, is fast, quiet and cheap to run and costs about $200 rrp.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM225 FW is noisy, slow, temperamental, and expensive to use. Even after a fix, it runs for a few prints and then there is always something wrong with it. It was $355 rrp. If I was asked to by the FujiXerox printer again for even $100, I would say it is not worth it.



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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Error code

Sadly, this forum is for Xerox products (North America) and you are on a FujiXerox, so I cannot in any way access an identical device like yours, but the 2 companies share many traits on some products, so I can at least get you some info on how ours work when displaying that code. It is a sensor error, probably in the toner area, check around the transfer belt for contamination and clean it up if found. Here is one case I could find:

Problem:Printer displayed error 092-651 (ADC Sensor Error) after printing less
then 10 pages. Customer had replaced the Transfer Belt but it didn't fix the
issue.Cause:Yellow Print Cartridge leaking toner on to transfer belt, causing
ADC sensor error


It may be as simple as cleaning the toner density sensors (See if yours follows this Xerox brand machine)


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Joe Arseneau
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Error code

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I have a Docuprint CM205 fw and I have recently got an error code 092-651 sub error code 2880000.  I have tried everything searched the interne for solutions even done a search on here and cannot find anything.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how it might be fixed.  I have tried cleaning but it will not go away and sayd to call customer support??

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