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Error msg: Paper Jam Open Tray 1 and remove paper press OK to start

Product Name: Phaser 6600
Operating System: Windows 10

Hi Sir

I have the above error code and I have checked all the paper trays, left, behind and centre but there are no papers.

Please note that i can print from By-pass tray.

Before it happened I was onto my last few pages which were creased, when I got the above message the first time i changed the paper tray with new papers but its still giving me the same message.

I called today to Xerox but they are asking £300 to send an engineer which is bit steep as their new printers costs about a £100. I dont want to throw the Phaser 6600 and really need help sorting the error msg.

I did call today to the technical team and they said they cannot help me as I dont have the warranty although when i purchased the printer it came with a life time warranty which is all scam for all i know.

Please update me as soon as possible as i need my printer and Xerox is no help so far. What is the point in buying an expensive printer and then left alone in the dark.


Kind regards



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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Error msg: Paper Jam Open Tray 1 and remove paper press OK to start


Take out the tray 1, waste cartridge, drum cartridges, put the printer on left side on the table and check the paper path to see if there is no piece of paper 6655.jpg




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