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johnathonbeals New Member
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Re: Xerox products do not print arabic characters

Cool, thanks for your digging into this. I'll give that a try when I get some time to tackle it again.

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xerox_user New Member
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Re: Adobe Universal Postscript Printer Driver available



go to the Adobe website. Look for the 'Adobe Universal Postscript Printer Driver'. It needs to be installed while you are logged in as 'administrator' (run-as didn't do it for me).


It's going to want to know where the PPD file is. It's in




Proceed to setup and share the printer. Set the amount of RAM it has installed, etc.


Try it out with that and let me know. I've set it up but haven't had time to try it out.


If it works, *every* workstation printing to that Xerox is going to have to use the Adobe driver instead. Small cosmetic differences and some of the Xerox-specific options are not available.

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xerox_user New Member
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Re: not printing arabic

johnathon (and other men),


i tested this now. Maybe there is a flaw in the PPD (also)? It had the same problem with the Adobe Universal Postscript Driver as it had with the Xerox Phaser 6130.. driver.


This is anti-semitic! I wonder what they're going to do now. Semitic means semitic languages and people, including arabic culture.. interesting, that one. Maybe we need to contact the ADL since they whine about it all the time. Of course, I don't believe they would be concerned if it prints hebrew script. We should test to make sure! lol



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