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Re: Exception Pages with Variable Data



This can be done by using the "Special Pages" option.


Open the queue manager, select the correct queue and click "Edit Queue Properties"

Here you can put in exceptions, covers, inserts and so on.

Special pages -> side 106


Hope this helps


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Exception Pages with Variable Data

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We have 40,000 record vdp job that is a 24pg saddle stitched, that uses an exception page in the middle of the book. We currently save our vdp files as fat PDFs. Obviously this is not really an option with that many records. We have the option to save as many formats including PDF/VT and PPML. My question is how do I set the freeflow software up so that I do not have to add every exception? I want to be able to tell it that page 3-4 is the exception page and the rip understand that there are 12 pages per book. Then drop a file that contains multiple books into the rip and it understand that there are 12 pages and page 3-4 are the exception. I hope this make sense. :)
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