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Faded Prints Phaser 7500

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Good Day,

I am having an issue were after printing several pages the pages start to come out faded more and more.

The first few prints will come out fine but the by the fourth page it is faded, and by the 8th page it is un read about, and by the 11th page you would not know you printed anything.


it does not matter what size paper, it also does not matter what try it comes out of nor what color you use, though mostly it seems to be the black that has been used.


I have not replaced anything yet because wanted to get suggestions before I start throwing money into it to fix if i am going into the wrong direction.

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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Faded Prints Phaser 7500

Give this a go first, if it is hardware, the Imaging unit will be the culprit I would think, but I believe that blog post will get you up and running at no cost if it works on your model too, I *know* it works on many of the Phaser line.

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Joe Arseneau
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