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Faded lines after moving across country

Product Name: Phaser 7500
Operating System: Windows 10


I moved my printer across country in the back of a bumpy u-haul truck.

It worked perfect before but now has faded areas in the photo on every color except Yellow. Yellow is perfect on the color blocks. The faded lines are not on the same part of the paper for each color as can be seen in the photo.

I've tried the cleaning sticks you pull in and out many times and I've replaced the toner cartridges for the affected colors with no difference.

I also tried the smudge removal function where it sends through several blank sheets of paper on the printer.

Any suggestions on what is wrong with it?



IMG_20191109_203415 (1).jpg

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Re: Faded lines after moving across country


You must insist to clean very well the Led Print Heads with those sticks.

Otherwise you will need a tech to dissasemble and clean them.