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Re: Faded print at the left side of the page

I have recently purchased an SC2022 I have to say it is a very impressive printer that produces an excellent print, however when it comes to printing solid colours especially with a lot of magenta it fails by producing fading to one side.

I have had the tech guys look at it under warranty, they replaced every thing that could be replaced, at first they thought it was moisture in the orger but that was ruled out by a replacement but to no avail, I still have the problem of fading to one side.

The Tech guys have come to the conclusion that the machine as good as it is, is not upto performing this type of printing leaving me with on other options where do I go from here ????????? 

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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Faded print at the left side of the page


Your problem is from the Imaging Unit and not from the toner cartridge.



Faded print at the left side of the page

Product Name: WorkCentre 6505
Operating System: Not Specified


Screenshot 2021-10-08 211457.jpg

Hello I changed recently of Black cartidge and I cleaned the printer. Since some times I have print like that.

I changed the cartidge to an official one and still the same issue.

What can be the source of the issue?




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