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Fault 092-321

Product Name: VersaLink C405 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 10


I've had my printer a little over 2 years and its been workign fine. Last week it started to generate an error message.

The code is 092-321 and it says remove black toner, reinsert and restart printer.

I did this,and it didn't work. A couple of tries and it got going again.

It then happened again, so with a bit of google I found some possible issues (including through Xerox support). I checked the waste toner, one possibility,and found it was pretty full so got a replacement.

Everything started working again. Then today (I changed the waste toner yesterday) the message happens again. I have tried all the suggestions on the forums:

Turnign off and on

Tried a different toner cartridge

Taken the imaging drum out and cleaned.

The only thing I haven't done is buy a new imaging drum (as seems an extreme fix if this isn't the issue).

Does anyone have any ideas of what else I can try before accepting defeat and either getting a new printer or a new imaging drum.



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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Fault 092-321


I think also you must replace the K drum.



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Stan claes
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New Member

Re: Fault 092-321

Same issue here on a phaser 7100.

all was working fine, untill I replaced the black imaging unit.

after power up, I get te he "power off and on, code 092-321"

tried all the steps as indicated in the on line manual.

any suggestions?




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Re: Fault 092-321

Fault code says I need to replace black imaging unit but I did this in August. Is there any way of checking to see if the black unit has a fault without replacing the whole set again

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