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Re: Fault Code 116-317

Hello dogwomble,

I searched the knowledgebase for that fault code and could not find that exact one. I did find this fault code 116-324. Whis is a Controller Failure. Here is the knowledgebase article on that code:

Power Off, Delete Print Data and then Power On the Machine and Configure PCL Print Driver to Use the Print TrueType as Bitmap Font Option
  1. Turn off the machine power.
  2. Turn the machine on, press the red [Job Cancel] button repeatedly on the Control Panel. The word "Cancelling..." will be displayed.

    NOTE: "Ready to Print" will be displayed after the steps done.

  3. Send a print job again to test print.

    NOTE: If the problem or error message doesn't occur, proceed below instruction to complete the steps.

    1. Select [Start] button.

      NOTE: For Windows 10, right click on the bottom left corner to select.

    2. Select [Control Panel]. The Control Panel windows will be displayed.
    3. Select [Printers and Faxes/Devices] and then select [Printers folder].
    4. Right click on the print driver for the machine model having this issue, and then select [Printing Preferences]. 
    5. Select [Advanced] tab.
    6. Select the [+] icon next to Document Options menu.
    7. Click on the [Setup...] next to Specify Font.
    8. Select the [Print True Type as Bitmap] checkbox.

    NOTE: If the problem or error message still occurs, proceed below instruction to complete the steps.

    1. Select [Start] button.

      NOTE: For Windows 10, right click on the bottom left corner to select.

    2. Select [Control Panel]. The Control Panel window will be displayed.

      NOTE: For user using Windows 8/8.1/10 computer, enter "Control Panel" in the search field to bring out the Control Panel icon.

    3. Select [Printers and Faxes/Devices].
    4. Right-click o the printer, and then select [See What's Printing]. The machine windows will be displayed.
    5. Select all the print queue, right-click and then select [Cancel].

      NOTE: Word "Deleting" will be displayed on the window.

      NOTE: If the user is not the sender of the print job that is showing as "Printing", the user will need to either ask the sender of the print job to cancel the print job or ask the Administrator of their print server to clear the print queue. This is because of Windows policy dictates a user is allowed to clear only their own print jobs, unless the user has the Administrator right, otherwise any attempt to cancel another user's print jobs will not be processed.

      NOTE: Repeat from Steps 2 after above steps have completed.
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New Member

Fault Code 116-317

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hi there,

Hopefully there's a simple fix so I don't have to start ordering a series of repalcement parts :)

I have inherited a slightly antique CM305DF.  I know this has at least recently worked - before a family member moved, I set it up on their home network and it worked fine.  I have inherited it because I will soon need to do some bulk printing and my poor little inkjet just isn't going to cut it.

The problem is when I power it up, after a few seconds it goes to Fault Code 116-317.

I have checked for the presence of an optional memory module - nothing is installed.  i have done a cursory check of the cartridges and such andd they all seem seated OK.

I am hoping that it is simply a case of reseating something that might have shfited when the printer was moved, or something along those lines, I'm just not sure what, or whetyher this might be soemthing else.

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