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Re: Fiery not connecting to the computer via network cable


first of all make sure that you securely connected the two ethernet cables on the right locations 

one between the fiery and the printer and the other one between the fiery and your network 

fiery 2.png


Then press Login/Out button >Login ID is “admin” & Passcode is “1111” >Tools > System Settings >Connectivity and Network Setup > Protocol Settings

Apply All these settings then save it then logout from the admin mode and the machine will reboot 

fiery printer settings .PNG

then go to the PC and from the web browser type the IP address of the fiery 

the fiery web tools page will open Now click on  the bottom right“Xerox Centreware” link to go to the printer web page .


from there go to Properties and use the same user name and password which you use in the first time 


Connectivity> Protocols> TCPIP > “ DNS Configuration” 

and apply these settings then press ok and the machine will reboot 




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Fiery not connecting to the computer via network cable

Product Name: Xerox Color 550/560/570 Printer
Operating System: Windows 10

Hello guys,


I have got Xerox 550 printer, and apparently the fiery is not connecting to my computer i have brought in diffrent computers to give it a go but its not connecting at all, please help me if some one could help me will most appreciate.

Looking forward.

Many Thanks

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