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Fiery software reinstall - how?

I have a EXP250 running a Docucolor 240 that I want to try a clean install of software on.


I have EFI Fiery System Software v1.1 and also  a unopened disk

EFI Fiery Network Controller System Software


Could anyone tell me the difference to the 2 above?


When I try either disk and turn on the Fiery it appears their is DVD activity but instead of giving me a option to install software I end up at Windows - yet if I put in a Linux disk like's cloning disk it properly boots from the CD.


I tried F8 and F12 keys during boot but was not taken to CMOS settings. Does anyone know the proper procedure for entering to CMOS on this Fiery?





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Re: Fiery software reinstall - how?

hi ken, those cds are bootable cds , 1 cd is for restoring (windows) and the other will be needed to reinstall the fiery apps


so you need to insert cd&, reboot the fiery and be sure that in the bios cd cdrive is still in the 1st order...  so let the wizard start and sit back :)

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