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Re: Firmware Update: Undocumented behavior

I have tried updating my 8580 and it just keeps going in a loop of saying it is applying the Firmware update - printing reports and then starting it again.  Not sure if it is best to just unplug as it warns you not to interrupt it.  Very frustrating :-(

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Re: Firmware Update: Undocumented behavior

Hi Salvo,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Thank you for letting us know what worked for you.  This information will help others. 


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Firmware Update: Undocumented behavior

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I updated my ColorQube 8580dn from Factory Original (System 1.3.8.P / OS 10.52 / PS 4.5.0 / Eng 26.P1.4.5.0 / Net to the latest available (System 1.3.8.P / OS 10.80 / PS 4.19.0 / Eng 26.P1.4.19.0 / Net  I uploaded a local driver file ( copy.  The printer successfully applied the update and then the control panel displayed the following: 

  • Firmware update complete
  • Restarting the printer...

whereupon it hung at that display for over fifteen minutes.  After I had concluded that it was hung, I searched for related information on Xerox online support as well as Googled for outside references.  I found nothing. 


Referencing the User Guide, I found information for "Restarting the printer" on pages 128-129.  After determining that the control panel was unresponsive, I opted to use the Power Switch.  The printer powered off without displaying the option for me to select Standard Shutdown. 


I gave it a couple of minutes before I powered it back on.  Fortunately, the printer powered up without issue.  And, my firmware update effort was successful, albeit the process was slightly different than documented. 

ColorQube 8580dn | Snow Leopard
System 1.3.8.P / OS 10.80 / PS 4.19.0 / Eng 26.P1.4.19.0 / Net
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