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Re: Firmware upgrade failed

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I answer to myself.

The hidden solution is the following:

1. Turn off printer pressing for a few seconds the power button

2. Download the firmware in zip format (ie

3. On USB Fat32 key, create a directory 'DWLD'

4. Extract from zip the binary file (.bin) and store in the DWLD directory. 

5. Insert USB key on the rear of printer

6. Simultaneously press Home and Power button until a menu appears

7. On on menu simultaneously press on the SPECIAL (near 'A') and BOOT (near 'B') words and Home button.

8. On keypad entre 6789#

9. Touch SPECIAL BOOT MENU and reply YES

10. Wait for process ends. 

11. If error occurs at the end, redo points 1, 6 and choose STORAGE DEVICE INITIALIZE MODE



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Firmware upgrade failed

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Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: macOS 12 - Monterey


The firmware dated a bit (65.50.??), I wanted to upgrade from my mac under Monterey. So I upgraded to the required intermediate version 65.59.11. While the upgrade tool told me "OK", the printer panel furtively told me "Firmware upgrade failed". I was not quick enough to write down the associated code. Since then, the printer panel only displays the Xerox icon. No navigation is possible.After reboot same problem.
Have you had this type of problem?
Thank you

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