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Fix Windows Drivers Scaling Issue Please!

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I get many complaints from users of our new Work Centre 7545 when printing from Adobe Acrobat (8, 9 , X) on Windows.  We deal with a lot of architetural and engineering sizes which they want scaled down to 11x17.


In our other printers, you just choose Tabloid or 11x17, and then it scales it down nicely and works.  On the Xerox 7545 with the latest driver, you have to go into the printer properties click Tabloid, other size, make sure both output paper size and original document size are set to Tabloid, and then click OK, and Ok.  Most people forget they can't just pick the right size and print and that really they need to dig in and change it in multiple places.


This is a huge time waster for our company, and does not bode well for future purchases of Xerox products.  Please fix this so that when you pick 11x17 (Tabloid) in Acrobat, it will properly scale to that size.

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