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spfaff New Member
New Member

Freeflow Accxes installation/recovery cd iso download

Had an FRX controller failure here that is connected to a 510 wide format.

Replaced the FRX pc with another of the same configuration (Dell Optiplex 745).

Installed the original interface card and  Freeflow Accxes installation/recovery cd Ver. 5.0 b100.


When I try to install the 12.7 or 13.1 firmware that supports the 510 I get "download not allowed" messages on the console, (See below).


Pretty sure I either need a version of the Firmware compatilble with the 5.0 cd OR another iso of a version below 5.0.

I see reference to v 4.4.


Does anyone have a download link for either of the above?


0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): ====== Firmware Update  ==== 
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): Comparing kernel to list value
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): Found a kernel match! 
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): <validateCD> Detected CD version:  5.0.  Version required by download: 3.2
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): processFirmwareDnld.c @(#)processFirmwareDnld.c	$Revision: $: 4028
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): ******************************************************************
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): <validateCD> CD Rev 3.2 is LESS THAN 5.X.  NOT Allowing download.
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): 
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): This Accxes dnld requires CD version greater than 3.2 and less than 5.0
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): 
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): ******************************************************************
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): processFirmwareDnld.c @(#)processFirmwareDnld.c	$Revision: $: 4545
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): Skipping update...Current error: -175
0x95b1db90 (tEmTask): ====== End Update Section ====

Thanks much for any help,



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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
Community Manager

Re: Freeflow Accxes installation/recovery cd iso download

Hello spfaff.


If you have not already resolved this issue, we suggest you search our online knowledgebase for this product: FreeFlow Accxes Control.


Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page for other support options.

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