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Frequent low cartridge level message

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We have been using the Phaser 6280 for nearly two years.

We are facing the following problem :
- we print only about 2000 pages per month
- on each page, there are only a few words in colour
- the message asking to check or to put a new print cartridge displays a few weeks after having put a new colour cartridge
- when such message displays we pull the cartridge out of the printer and re-seat it in the printer
    - we do it several times until we have to really replace the cartridge.
    - such handling is very time consuming

So, as a summary, we have two troubles :
- the ink consumption is really higher than expected
- and the printer regards the cartridge level as low although when it is still high..

Any help to solve, at least partly, tose two issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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