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Re: Global Driver Printing Issue

We have identified that last Windows Server update resulted in driver database rebuild by the spooler. Details were found in c:\windows\inf\ file on the server.

That triggered the update on all workstations, though Xerox driver wasn't updated on the server.

Rebuild changed timestamp of some file(s), which forced all workstations to ask for an 'update'. Massive headache as with latest changes intrduced by Microsoft to fix security flaws regular users can’t make it, only admins.

On top of that people started to complain that they can print landscape from Word. Indeed it turned out that Xerox driver wasn't inheriting landscape setting from MS Word, when choosing printer dialog to verify the settings. Normally it will show landscape but it was all the time showing portrait.


Same story : Can't select Landscape with Xerox GPD PCL6 - Customer Support Forum

Axing print queues/printers affected, on the Windows print server and recreating them did the trick. All workstations got reconnected and landscape/portrait is now working fine.

Important is to recreate the printer/queue with the same setting for printer name and share. Printer name must be identical to avoid reinstalling everything on the workstations. See here : Printing, Printer Connections, Share names, Updating Drivers - Windows CMD -

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Re: Global Driver Printing Issue

Whay application are you printing from? Are you going into printer properties in the app or just using the app parameters? 

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Global Driver Printing Issue

Product Name: AltaLink C8130 / C8135 / C8145 / C8155 / C8170 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 11

Trying to print landscape job but it defaults to Portrait. Driver does not recognize custom paper or any other trays except 1 & 2.

Global Print driver being use is Xerox GPD PCL V6 V5.951.9.0, 5951.900.0.0


Mchine is on latest software

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