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Glossy settings C75 and Versant 180

I am in the middle of getting ready to upgrade from the Xerox C75 to the Versant 180. I am concerned that I can no longer access or duplicate the look of Gloss Mode in CWS on the C75. A large part of my repeat workload is done in gloss mode. Is there a setting that will offer the same result on the Versant 180? 

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Re: Glossy settings C75 and Versant 180

Correct, both the 80 and the 180 use a newer toner that do not have the gloss option.


In fact the toner is designed to intentionally give a flat finish.

I don't know how long you have been in the business, but I have been for a while, and the oil that was added to prints back in the DocuColor 12 was the peak of toner based printing in my mind. While the machines after it (DocuColor 250) had double the DPI and vastly better color, nobody has ever really (in my mind) matched the "Finish".


I consulted an Engineer, who told me (I have not tested this, I don't have a Versant) that the closest you will achieve is to change the stock attributes to Cast Coated which will slow the print to provide more Dwell time in the Fuser, which in turn may provide a slightly higher Gloss, with the obvious caveat that the job will take longer.


Since you mention you are in the process of upgrading, take your test file and stock, tell the sales rep you are dealing with that you want the job printed on the 180 and you want the output to compare before you make any decision, this should be a pretty quick thing for them to do if they have access to one locally, if not, they can mail it to a Xerox lab or demo room (obviously this will take longer). But it certainly isn't something they can't do. Be very clear that you need to see if it is capable of achieving the Gloss look, specifically the Finish

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Joe Arseneau
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