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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Google Cloud Print not working

You may need to call in to 2nd level to open a ticket. 


07-500 just means bypass tray is empty

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New Member

Google Cloud Print not working

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Seem to have an odd issue with cloud print. Recently bought this printer and been unsuccessful on printing from this service from cloud.

The setup went smooth. No erorrs and GCP connection test looks great.

Its also worth noting the Xerox mobile and Google Cloud Print (Local) works fine.

However when I select to print from cloud I see printer turns on and on screen the following happens:

1. Initializing
2. warming up
3. ready to print/IP address displayed several times
4. connected to wifi message
5. ready to print/ip address displayed several more times
6. screen turns off after a couple minutes
7. Few seconds later, repeats from step 1 again enlessly until I go to google cloud print site portal and delete the job.

Firmware on this is latest version I see on Xerox up for download (

I do see the following faults in CSV for today

Fault Id,26
FaultCode,7 - 500
ModuleSN,<SN Sanitized>
Fault Id,27
FaultCode,7 - 500
ModuleSN,<SN Sanitized>
Fault Id,28

.... Repeats many times

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