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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Grey bands printing only on grey colors


After you tried all what you said, it remain to have a tech to clean well the C/K ROS (laser).



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Grey bands printing only on grey colors

Product Name: Xerox Color C75 Press
Operating System: Not Applicable

Hello, I will be so grateful for the right answer here. I have a Xerox c75 color press. When I print greyscale I get consistent bands down the length of the paper (the same direction it is running). I have tried everything I can think of:

1 - Changed the Fuser

2 - Changed the 2nd BTR

3 - Changed the ITB belt

4 - Change the ITB belt Assembly

5 - Changed the Black Drum

6 - Changed the Black Developer unit

7 - Changed the black toners

8 - Changed the Blue Drum

7 - Tried to clean above the drums by removing them (read something about a laser).

None of these elements has had any impact. The lines are the same each time. 

So I then opened the door while it was printing to see at what position the problem was occurring. It appears as though the toner on the ITB already has the lines. But I have tried 3 black drums and 3 black developer units. Grey are the only colors that have this issue. c751.JPGc752.JPG

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