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odeq New Member
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HELP! Xerox 80 Versant press with booklet maker and 2 knife trimmer



I am having issues with this booklet maker. I've called the service technician multiple times and he doesn't seem to ever fix this one issue.  You see, after a booklet is trimmed on the side(or the long edge where the pages turn), it slides up the conveyor belts, goes into the two knife trimmer, and trims, then shoots out the end. The issue is that the booklets will print fine for a good 3 or 4 minutes. Then they stop at the start of the conveyor belt, after the first trimming procedure. The technician said it might be static electricity causing these books to stop, so he gave me a solution that makes metal and glass slicker. It seemed to work better, but not for long. After about 5 minutes listening to it run smoothly, the books stopped at the same location, and an error code popped up on the 2 knife trimmer saying to "Clear the area" (when in actuality the 2 knife trimmer area was clear.)  In the past I've just picked printed booklets up from the area where they stop, and the printing would continue, but it is a tad difficult, because you have to be quick in picking them up and I guess it could be considered dangerous with the conveyor belts. Our agency purchased the 2 knife trimmer, and I figure it SHOULD work correctly, and it beats trimming 500 books by hand or through a cutting machine(which has some glitches of its own)





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Re: HELP! Xerox 80 Versant press with booklet maker and 2 knife trimmer

Hi odeq,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please contact your technician again and have them come back out. They should be able to solve your issue.  

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