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Re: Help! We can't setup DL Envelopes and custom Index Cards for printing on bypass

Hi jamesm80, 

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at this forum post. Also take a look at this article in the online support for your printer.  If these solutions do not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Help! We can't setup DL Envelopes and custom Index Cards for printing on bypass

Product Name: VersaLink C405 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 10


We have a VersaLink C405. All we print on is A4 paper, DL Envelopes and Index Cards. We need to be able to print Index Cards and DL Envelopes on the bypass tray without having to tap in a custom size of 127x203.2mm on the paper type of the bypass tray every time we switch between DL Envelopes and Index Cards.

The Index cards are 127.0 by 203.2 mm.

This machine is a bit new to us and the manual isnt really helping with the problem.


Firstly, can someone explain the idea of the 3 paper types you can allocate to each tray? If I allocate PaperX, PaperY, PaperZ to the bypass tray for example, does this mean we can use any of those papers in the tray and it will happily accept them for printing? or does the ordering signify a priority of the type of paper used in that tray? We sometimes get an error printing envelopes for example, even though envelopes is one of the 3 paper types set on the tray. The error prompts us for a specific ordering and we end up having to set that into the tray to get it to print happily.

Ok now onto the actual problem.


For the bypass tray it offers 3 papers to allocate on the front panel. When using the printer purely for envelopes and A4 (in the main tray) we just set the bypass tray as:

"Envelopes DL, A4, White"

We had no issue with that in printing DL Envelopes, until we wanted to also start printing Index Cards.

The machine spewed out "held for resources" error, requesting "127x203.2, A4, White" I think, when we sent it an Index Card. We expected this. My understanding was that all we have to do is set the bypass tray to accept "127x203.2, DL Envelope,White" and we would be ok? 

I entered a custom size for the first paper type, but DL Envelope wasn't an option for the second type (only Envelope), and then White. So the setting was "127x203.2, Envelope, White". The Index Cards printed fine and we assumed we could then also send it an Envelope afterwards and it would print that too. However we got a "Held for resources" error again and the printer requested "Envelopes DL, A4, White". We assume this was because we couldn't choose a DL Envelope for the second paper type. Not sure.

Currently the only way we can print DL Envelopes and Index Cards is by setting the bypass tray as:

"127x203.2, Envelope, White" - For Index Cards

"Envelopes DL, A4, White" - For DL Envelopes

This isn't very productive for us, and i'm sure its because we don't know how this machine operates properly yet.


It wouldn't be an issue for us to have to change the settings between "Envelopes DL, A4, White" and "127x203.2, Envelope, White" each time if we didn't have to keep entering the value "127x203.2" manually in the custom type (the first paper type) each time (which is laborious). Can't this be saved on the panel as a favourtie paper type somehow??


What can we do please to let the bypass tray accept "127x203.2" and DL Envelopes?

I hope this isn't too confusing to understand. I'm sure we are missing something silly and not understanding this new printer very well!


Many thanks,




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