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Re: Horizontal Black Smudge at top of page Phaser 6500

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The image and your description is very telling. You have several layers of toner smudging occurring, which indicates toner build-up throughout the unit. While the age of the unit factors into this case, there are clearly identifiable artifacts on the paper that indicate where specific rollers meet the page. The biggest issue is that there’s clearly toner build-up throughout the machine. You likely need maintenance/service at this point, but the majority of the problem is likely originating at the fuser. It is recommended first replacing the fuser, and then if the issue persists, calling in for assistance.

Customer Service #: 800-835-6100

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Horizontal Black Smudge at top of page Phaser 6500

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We have recently had issues with our Phaser 6500. We have printed over 10,000 pages and have not had this issue until now. We are printing customer renewal letters and have printed the back sides of this page already. As we run the front side of the page through the printer, we are getting this big black smudge across the top of the pages. I have covered the part of the page that shows our customer information but you can still see the smudge at the top. This happens to every page printed. This is on an 8.5x14 sheet. Any ides or suggestions will be appreciated. 


I had to adjust the size of the picture to fit the upload requirements. 


Thanks! Bowmans Pro Turf Paper Issue.jpg

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