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Joe Arseneau
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Re: How can you slow printing down for label printing on Polyester labels?

Speed is 100% tied to the media, heavier stock goes slower because it needs to allow the fuser a longer time to fuse the toner to the paper. When you loaded the 2nd sheet, the tray was not programmed for labels and was back on plain paper settings.

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Joe Arseneau
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How can you slow printing down for label printing on Polyester labels?

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Hello, i am using a Xerox Phaser 7500 to print on fairly thin gloss white polyester.


The print for 100% yellow and black was perfect, but when i tried printing a red or a blue the colours are patchy

and the white-out text on the colour has a lighter 'halo' effect around the text.  Advice on the internet suggested

lowering the gradient and mesh resolution to a low value (which lays less ink down). This did improve the print a bit.


The second thing i tried which was suggested, was running the A3 sheet through Tray 1 (MPT) and setting the

paper to 'Labels'.  This worked very well the first time i tried it.  The sheet went through the printer visibly much

slower than normal and gave a much better quality of print than before.


The problem is, when i tried another sheet from the same tray with the same settings, it went through the printer

at normal speed (much faster) and the problem colours were back to being patchy again.  I have tried to replicate

what happened the first time i sent it through Tray 1 (MPT) but it will not print slower again.


My questions is - is there an easy way to change the speed the printer sends the material (polyester in this case)

through the printer?





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