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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: How to Disable Print Notification Dialog??



Have you updated to the latest print driver? After you do that I believe the feature you are looking for is under the Xerox Properies - if you were to change settings for color, ect - around the same area.


If I get my MAC back today I will login and get the excact steps.


Thank you,
Jordan R.
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How to Disable Print Notification Dialog??

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I am using a Xerox Phaser 8560 with MacOsx 10.7.4.


I am getting these print notification dialog messages after every print job, and it is freezing my computer for approx 30 seconds each time.  Getting very annoying!


The troubleshooting pane on my printer does not have the option to turn off "Notify me when job complete".  I can't right click to get printer properties to get to configuration as previously suggested in a post on the forums.


Can someone please suggest a remedy for this problem?


Thanks for your time!




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