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How to adjust fuser temp (Printing wristbands)



I have a supplier that provided us with wristbands that can be printed in a laser printer.  However, it should be a printer that uses low melt point toner.  As I understand, the Xerox coloe 570 uses the low melt toner.  As a result, I was hoping we would be able to print these wristbands without a problem.  On my first run, I ran it as plain paper like an idiot and the 3rd sheet through got stuck in the fuser and literally melted into a blob.  An hour later of carefully cleaning it, it was working fine.  


I need to reduce the temp on the fuser.  I've read that this can be done on other printers but haven't found this opiton yet on the 570.  I am thinking to try the "Transparency" media type next because I imagine it has to lower the temp on the fuser so as not to melt the clear plastic.


Any insight, tips, ideas, or suggestions greatly welcomed!

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Re: How to adjust fuser temp (Printing wristbands)

You can't lower the temp, you have to change the stock type, which in turn raises/lowers the temp.

Transparency would be your best option

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Joe Arseneau
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