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akd835 New Member
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How to avoid Process Black when printing some Color & some B/W Pages in a single booklet

I am trying to print a booklet that has a color cover and b/w interior pages. 


My problem is that even though the inside pages are designed in greyscale with NO color information, the Xerox 7655 printer driver wrongly assumes that I want it to use process black (meaning it prints the greyscale images using cmy and black) for the inside pages.


More info:  A text only page using only black.  A page with text and clip art uses only black.  A page with any b/w jpg always prints in color.


I'd love to avoid the extra costs of printing b/w jpg's in color, but cannot find a workaround or a setting in illustrator, photoshop, publisher, corel draw, etc.  There is no setting in the printer driver to print page 1 in color and the rest in b/w either.


How can I avoid process black prints in a document with both color and b/w pages?

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Xerox Employee JohnM-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: How to avoid Process Black when printing some Color & some B/W Pages in a single booklet

Hello akd835,


You can use the Build Job feature on your WorkCentre 7655 to scan the cover image (which will be segment 1) using auto select for the color selection and for segment 2, the body, or interior pages, you should change the setting to black & white and scan those pages.  When the job is done, the color and black/white meters should both increment correctly.

If you are not familiar with the Build Job feature, click here to get to the WorkCentre 7655 Knowledge Base where you can enter the search term: Build Job and then click on the first solution that appears in the list of solutions.


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