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Re: How to check document print result?

Hi @giuseppe, There may be something that in the App Developer API that is available to our partners but I know of no other API that can do this. However, as you mentioned PowerShell, you may be able to use PowerShell to scrape the job status webpage and then know what has printed. 

To see the Job Status, go to the device web page and select Jobs in the lower left corner of the page. It should be a URL similar to https://%PRINTERIP%/jobs/index.html#hashJobs


How to check document print result?

Product Name: VersaLink C505 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows Server 2016

Dear support,
I have a versalink c505s connected to the network. I use a windows server 2016 pc and through a powershell script I send the pdf files contained in a given folder to the printer (there are hundreds of pdf files).
I have no way of verifying whether the PDF has been printed or not. With the SNMP protocol it is possible to query the status of the printer, but it is often not updated in real time and in any case it does not give indications on the success of the pdf printing status (for example if the paper is jammed, is not possible to know if pdf file is printend or not).
Is there a protocol or API to know the print status of a pdf in the job queue of the versalink (like from the printer jobs page?)


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