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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: How to set FreeFlow Queue Name in incoming PS print job?

Typically the name is defined in the port not the job.


So you LPR a .ps file to the LPR port named "FFPS_PRINT"

ala "lpr -S <FFPS_IP> -P <FFPS-PRINT> "C:\1.pdf"

You could, if you don't have any method of defining the queue, set the FFPS to accept yur submission method without one defined to go to a specific one. Just on the FFPS go to Setup > Gateways and choose the protocol you are submitting on, and if possible direct it at a specific queue for those jobs by default




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Joe Arseneau
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How to set FreeFlow Queue Name in incoming PS print job?

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We are releasing postscript print jobs from another enterprise print server (BARR) and we want to have the FreeFlow queue name prefilled in the print job so that the print job uses this queue name to print on our Nuvera printers (and not just use the default FreeFlow queue).  Right now it comes into FreeFlow with the queue name blank and has to use the default queue.


What field name do we need to have prefilled in the print job file to make this happen?





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