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Re: I spoke too soon!

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Problem solved!

Purchased new printer which was NOT a Xerox. Xerox printer will either get trashed or donated.

Will never buy anything from Xerox again.

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I spoke too soon!

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Product Name: Xerox B210 Printer
Operating System: Apple iOS

So, I spoke too soon. In my posting B210 Printing prints garbage at times,  I stated that the solution solved the problem. It didn’t.

I felt it would be improper to open a previously stated closed item, if that’s even an option.

By the way, this is on an iMac with O/S Ventura 13.0, which is fairly new.

Anyway, some time after I declared the “Solution” as the answer I started having more problems.

So, in the philosophy of “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing”, after an attempt to fix the problem, I ended up where my system does not “see” the printer at all. Zilch, nada, nil and/or zero.

Even prior links that worked with the printer before do not function.

I’ve tried things like rebooting, on/off of the printer, but no matter what, it’s NOT being seen by the iMac O/S, including in the add printer selection within system settings.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Assistance?



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