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Re: I want to stop printing banner pages

Thank you This worked perfectly!!


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Re: I want to stop printing banner pages


Here you go.  Access the device's embedded web page, log in as the System Administrator and follow these prompts.

VL Banner Page.jpg

I hope this helps.

I want to stop printing banner pages

Product Name: VersaLink B7025/B7030/B7035
Operating System: Windows 10

Xerox® VersaLink® B7030 Multifunction Printer, And there is a problem that the printer auto print a banner for each time I print .. Please tell me a way to stop automatic banner printing I suffer from wasting paper while printing from a computer Windows 10 .. My printer is connected via Ethernet.. I hope you tell me the steps to stop printing that extra page.

It prints pages like this one

And even I disabled all settings and this page still printed

3 (1).jpg

print Banner Pages (1).jpg


I hope you help me and thanks




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