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ICC Download from Xerox?

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My local printer uses a Versant 80 and the food menus printed the food with a green tint. They assure me it's calibrated daily.


The local printer is doing the bare minimum to help fix this and a print broker suggested I install the ICC for that printer but after 40 minutes of searching I can't find it on the net.


Anyone know where I can get this ICC for the Xerox Versant 80?

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: ICC Download from Xerox?

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My guess would be they have no idea what they are doing. What they should be telling you is to design the File, then save as PDF/X, which will embed the color profile in the document assuming Adobe and not an MS product.


Then they should be importing the job into Command Workstation (Or the Freeflow if they have that instead) and then it will simply convert the color to match their calibration.


But you can get profiles and Pantones from EFI assuming they have a Fiery RIP and not a Freeflow

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