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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Igen4 comptability with Deckle edge paper

Short Version

It will run, but probably will false jam and possibly could cause fuser damage


Long Version

I would not even attempt it.

It is not meant to be printed on a commercial printer.

You won't find a fast printer that will do it jam free. Due to the fact that these printers all measure the paper that is going through and compare it to what should be coming through, it (the printer) knows exactly where the edge of the paper should be and when, so if the deckle edged paper has an incut where the sensor is, it will not trip when it should, and that, to the printer means the paper stopped or slowed down, it will halt the job mid print and declare a jam.

Due just to the cost of deckle edge paper, that is a large risk to take,

This is exactly why deckle edge cutters are commonly referenced.

large runs could also cause physical damage to the fuser that would then show up on larger stocks like 12*18.


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Joe Arseneau
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Igen4 comptability with Deckle edge paper

Product Name: Xerox iGen4 Digital Press
Operating System: Apple iOS



Does anyone know if it is possible to print Deckle edge paper on a Igen 4





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